Rethink Traditional Photoprocessing Techniques with A Conceptually Novel Approach!

VUV exposure system which combines high power, exceptional uniformity, and versatility in an efficient and compact modular form factor.


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  • High output intensity drives photo-processes in real-time
  • Square aperture for large area exposures
  • Immediate start and cool running for continuous or pulsed operation


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  • Efficient packaging and passive cooling for an all-in-one system which is easily transported
  • Integrated purge system for atmospheric exposures - no vacuum system required
  • Light weight, small size, and unique modular design simplifies integration with existing systems

Green Technology

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  • Eco-friendly lamp technology requires no Hg or toxic/flammable gas fill
  • High electron to photon conversion for reduced power consumption
  • Made of recyclable materials and components

New Compact π2-Cygni Exposure System Released

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Cygnus Photonics introduces a novel exposure system that fits in the palm of your hand!

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